Weekly RUNdown – Marathon Training Week 8

Week 8…done!  Kind of hard to believe I’m almost halfway through my plan, although I realize the second half will be more work (miles) than the first half.  In any case, here’s what this week looked like…

Monday – 4 mile TM after school (was really rushed between school and an interview/class)

Tuesday – 4 mile outside in the am

Wednesday – 7 mile TM: 2 w/u 4x yasso 800 (.5 hard, .5 easy), 1 cool down

(8.0, 8.1, 8.2, 8.3)

Thursday – off

Friday – 15.1

Saturday – hour long spinning with the tri-club – such a fun group (we play contact) and a great way to keep my legs moving (and the lactic acid from building up) post long-run.  I really look forward to the spin sessions.

Sunday – 7 mile run – was trying to take it slow, but somehow my pace ended up being in the low 8 min miles…pace is all relative but this was faster than I was thinking for a “shake-out” run

Totals:  37.1 running

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4 Responses to Weekly RUNdown – Marathon Training Week 8

  1. Great job on your marathon training! I’m just around the 1/2 way point in my training plan as well….what race are you getting ready for?

    • Caroline says:

      Boston! (for charity, I might add). This will be my first, and I am beyond excited! Wahat race are you running?

      • Boston…wow, how cool! I’d love to run Boston, this year I feel like a BQ is JUST within reach so it has me even more determined with my training. I am running the Garden Spot Village Marathon (Lancaster, PA) in April, still TBD for a fall race. :-)

        • Caroline says:

          Ah, best of luck with that! We’ll see how marathon #1 goes, but I feel like BQing will definitely be on my “racing bucket list” in the near future. I’m hoping you have a less snowy/icy training than I am having!

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