Weekly RUNdown – Marathon Week!

Long time, no post.  Sorry about that.  In the last week, I finished my student teaching practicum, went home, ran a marathon, drove back to school, finished my teaching portfolio, and had our spring weekend.  Yeah, kind of a lot, but all very exciting!  I have a post on the marathon in the works (which will probably be a novel by the time I finish, but here’s this week (and last week’s) run down just for kicks:

Monday (4/21):  BOSTON MARATHON

Tuesday:  off

Wednesday:  off 

Thursday:  off (10 push ups, abs day 1)

Friday:  2 mile run, and 13 mile (slow and very easy) bike ride – my friend and I wanted to get off campus for a bit, so we biked to a boat launch, ate lunch, and biked back.  It was absolutely gorgeous, we were able to chat as we biked, and you can bet I wore my marathon jacket with pride! (doesn’t hurt that it’s bright orange, so a good thing to wear while biking regardless!) (abs day 2)

Saturday: off (abs day 2 cont and 8 min abs)

Sunday:  hour run (slow, felt amazing), then arms:  3x 15, 12, 12 front arm raise and side arm raise (10); tricep (25) bicep (10 10 15) calf raise; shoulder press/chest fly 10 (unsure if it was 10 or 12 I used, I think it was actually 12).  Then machines for chest press, shoulder lift, 3×5 chin up (assist, so 85), and abs (300 reps)

Monday (4/14):  elliptical 45 

Tuesday: 3 miles – felt great!

Wednesday: elliptical 45

Thursday:1 mile (then stopped because my left shin hurt so much

Friday: off  ice and sodium naproxen

Saturday: expo walking, ice and sodium naproxen

Sunday: off, ice and sodium naproxen

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