Weekly RUNdown – Marathon Training Week 15

Week 15?! Seriously?  That’s right, it’s taper time!  And while I am excited about that, the thought of reducing volume and cutting back for three weeks is kind of terrifying…I know it’s a time tested training tool, but seriously?  I have this feeling that while I’m excited about taper now, I’m going to be chomping at the bit to run long/hard towards the end.  Maybe this is my chance to finally get in the pool or on the bike a little to mix things up?  In any case, here’s how this week played out.

Monday – 5

Tuesday – 5

Wednesday – 8 on the TM

Thursday – off

Friday – 65 min spin in the afternoon – felt SO good

Saturday -PDR of 22 (more like 22.2) miles!  6 alone, then 3-4 with a local group, then the rest flying solo, until I saw my friend(!) out for a run around mile 18.  So what else would I do but turn around and retrace my steps to run with her for a mile or so, only to turn around and re-head back.  Oh the things I will do to have company on my long run :)  What an absolutely gorgeous day I had for it – shining sun, only a touch of black ice at the start, and minimal wind – a taste of spring, and I loved it!

Sunday – 3.5 on the TM before my stomach wouldn’t have it anymore, for some reason my stomach’s been feeling off ever since the long run (and those are all the details I’m going to give you)

Total: 43.5

Are you training for a race? How’s it going?

Marathon runners – any tips on the last few weeks?

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