Weekly RUNdown – Marathon Training Week 16

Monday – off

Tuesday – 6 in the am

Wednesday – 5, including 3x 0.5 @7:30 then 0.5 at 6.8/9

Thursday – 5 in the am

Friday – 8 mile to and from bike to race packet pickup – it felt SO SO good to be back on the bike again and OUTSIDE! indoor spinning is great and all, especially when you have a crowd and we’ll chat the whole time (minus during hard intervals), but there is nothing better than being outside on the bike!

Saturday – RACE THE RUNWAYS 13.1 (probs a bit more than this realistically).  I only had 12 on the training schedule, but a bunch of friends were doing it so I tagged along – I joked that I was going to run to the 12 mile marker and just like a little kid that’s going going going until they just stop and crash, I was just going to stop and sit down at the 12 miler, done for the day :) Turns out I didn’t do that (surprise surprise) and finished the race in what was a really good time for me (faster than my fall half!) – I kept telling myself it was just a training run, not to get sucked in to “race” it, and that the whole point was to finish uninjured and feeling good – I was going a lot faster than I though I “should” have, but was feeling good at the finish, so that’s that.  My dad ran it to, for the first time conquering that distance in 15 years(!) and my friends totally rocked the race too! The rain held off (just a bit of mist at the start) and the wind on the runways wasn’t as bad as I expected (plus I got to draft a bit).  All in all, a great day!

Sunday – 4 miles in the gorgeous outdoor sun! (not sure the last time “4” was a workout in and of itself…this taper thing is weird!)

Week:  33.1

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