5 Things Friday – Boston Marathon Edition

Hey, long time no post!  I really don’t know how some of you do this whole blog thing what with training, a full-time job/school work, and a life!  I’ve had full time student teaching, classes I’m taking (and work for them), and marathon training all colliding, and, well I think it’s been pretty easy to tell – at least I’ve been consistent with my weekly rundown posts?!  In any case, I’ll be finishing up in the next few weeks (that deserves a post in and of itself) and I have mixed emotions about that.  Regardless, it means I’ll have some more free time, and am hoping to get some recipes up and back to more regular posting.  No promises, but that’s what I”m aiming for at least :)

And because we’re about 2.5 weeks out from Boston, that’s clearly been on my mind recently – surprise surprise.  So, without further ado, my five things friday, marathon edition:

1)  Iraq’s ambassador  is running Boston, and had this to say in an article on RunnersWorld: http://www.runnersworld.com/boston-marathon/iraqs-ambassador-to-us-prepares-for-boston

“It is a statement that terror will never win, and that we have this universal language called running or marathoning or sport that we can use to talk to one another with. So I can see the fear, but I can’t see it being sustained. Because terror is not the language we like to talk about;  defeating it is the one we have to focus on.”

2)  This song – brings tears and chills http://bdcwire.com/video/local-songwriter-michelle-lewis-releases-marathon-tribute-video-for-new-single/

3)  This ad is pretty amazing too http://bdcwire.com/local-director-releases-wewillrun-commercial-dedicated-to-boston-marathon/

4)  Anyone else running?  this turn by turn recap is helpful! http://boston.cbslocal.com/guide/mile-by-mile-guide-to-the-boston-marathon/

5)  I really can’t believe I’m going to be a part of this in just a few weeks…this http://www.luciewickerphotography.com/boston_marathon_2014#h1c2a2114 is an amazing collection of photographs

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