Weekly RUNdown

Monday – 2700 swim (first time in the pool since December – and definitely felt that way!) 300 w/u, 200 drill, 300, 4×50 on 70, 300, 3×50 on 70, 300, 2×50 on 70, 300 1×50 on 70, 500.  Also 1 hr elliptical pm (20 steady, 35 interval, 5 cool down)

Tuesday – easy 4

Wednesday – 5 miles: w/u, 3 at “marathon pace” with 2 min walking between, c/d then hit the pool for 2100 (arms still sore!) 300 w/u, 200 drill, 2×50, 2×100, 2×150, 200, then back down.  100 kick, 200 cool down (I think)

Thursday – off

Friday – 6-7 with pick ups, telephone pole to telephone pole randomly, 8 min abs level 1

Saturday – 10.75 easy, 90 minutes or so.  absolutely gorgeous outside!

Sunday – 2 x this workout (and some extra strength moves as well), 20*12 abs – really trying to get a base strength back up – I slacked on this when running tons of miles/the gym not being open when I could get there!

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Weekly RUNdown – Marathon Week!

Long time, no post.  Sorry about that.  In the last week, I finished my student teaching practicum, went home, ran a marathon, drove back to school, finished my teaching portfolio, and had our spring weekend.  Yeah, kind of a lot, but all very exciting!  I have a post on the marathon in the works (which will probably be a novel by the time I finish, but here’s this week (and last week’s) run down just for kicks:

Monday (4/21):  BOSTON MARATHON

Tuesday:  off

Wednesday:  off 

Thursday:  off (10 push ups, abs day 1)

Friday:  2 mile run, and 13 mile (slow and very easy) bike ride – my friend and I wanted to get off campus for a bit, so we biked to a boat launch, ate lunch, and biked back.  It was absolutely gorgeous, we were able to chat as we biked, and you can bet I wore my marathon jacket with pride! (doesn’t hurt that it’s bright orange, so a good thing to wear while biking regardless!) (abs day 2)

Saturday: off (abs day 2 cont and 8 min abs)

Sunday:  hour run (slow, felt amazing), then arms:  3x 15, 12, 12 front arm raise and side arm raise (10); tricep (25) bicep (10 10 15) calf raise; shoulder press/chest fly 10 (unsure if it was 10 or 12 I used, I think it was actually 12).  Then machines for chest press, shoulder lift, 3×5 chin up (assist, so 85), and abs (300 reps)

Monday (4/14):  elliptical 45 

Tuesday: 3 miles – felt great!

Wednesday: elliptical 45

Thursday:1 mile (then stopped because my left shin hurt so much

Friday: off  ice and sodium naproxen

Saturday: expo walking, ice and sodium naproxen

Sunday: off, ice and sodium naproxen

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Weekly RUNdown – Marathon Training Week 17

Well, folks, you knew it was coming.  How did I get through marathon training this long with nothing flaring up?! Well, it happened this week, and I’m hoping it’s more nerve then reality but my left shin has been giving me a bit of grief, so I decided to (try) and be smart and take it easy this week.  The numbers reflect it, and I can’t say I’m too happy about it, but I’m hoping that taking these last two weeks of taper SUPER easy will work out?  My thought at this point is that resting/preventing injury is better than perhaps flaring it up more, and that while it would be awesome to really finish out my training, the runs are more for my mental sanity than for being able to complete 26.2 .  So, let’s hope it’s not anything that RICE won’t fix?!

Monday – 40 elliptical and abs

Tuesday – off

Wednesday – 45 ellipitical (watching friends!) and abs and arms (I’m actually excited to be getting back into some weights work post marathon – and core too)

Thursday – tried in the morning, made it a mile, called it a day

Friday – 5 miles, stayed on the sandy/dirt on the side of the road, felt good til the end

Saturday – 90 min 22 mile bike ride was absolutely GLORIOUS

Sunday – 4 miles.  so so

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Weekly RUNdown – Marathon Training Week 16

Monday – off

Tuesday – 6 in the am

Wednesday – 5, including 3x 0.5 @7:30 then 0.5 at 6.8/9

Thursday – 5 in the am

Friday – 8 mile to and from bike to race packet pickup – it felt SO SO good to be back on the bike again and OUTSIDE! indoor spinning is great and all, especially when you have a crowd and we’ll chat the whole time (minus during hard intervals), but there is nothing better than being outside on the bike!

Saturday – RACE THE RUNWAYS 13.1 (probs a bit more than this realistically).  I only had 12 on the training schedule, but a bunch of friends were doing it so I tagged along – I joked that I was going to run to the 12 mile marker and just like a little kid that’s going going going until they just stop and crash, I was just going to stop and sit down at the 12 miler, done for the day :) Turns out I didn’t do that (surprise surprise) and finished the race in what was a really good time for me (faster than my fall half!) – I kept telling myself it was just a training run, not to get sucked in to “race” it, and that the whole point was to finish uninjured and feeling good – I was going a lot faster than I though I “should” have, but was feeling good at the finish, so that’s that.  My dad ran it to, for the first time conquering that distance in 15 years(!) and my friends totally rocked the race too! The rain held off (just a bit of mist at the start) and the wind on the runways wasn’t as bad as I expected (plus I got to draft a bit).  All in all, a great day!

Sunday – 4 miles in the gorgeous outdoor sun! (not sure the last time “4” was a workout in and of itself…this taper thing is weird!)

Week:  33.1

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