Weekly RUNdown – Marathon Training Week 17

Well, folks, you knew it was coming.  How did I get through marathon training this long with nothing flaring up?! Well, it happened this week, and I’m hoping it’s more nerve then reality but my left shin has been giving me a bit of grief, so I decided to (try) and be smart and take it easy this week.  The numbers reflect it, and I can’t say I’m too happy about it, but I’m hoping that taking these last two weeks of taper SUPER easy will work out?  My thought at this point is that resting/preventing injury is better than perhaps flaring it up more, and that while it would be awesome to really finish out my training, the runs are more for my mental sanity than for being able to complete 26.2 .  So, let’s hope it’s not anything that RICE won’t fix?!

Monday – 40 elliptical and abs

Tuesday – off

Wednesday – 45 ellipitical (watching friends!) and abs and arms (I’m actually excited to be getting back into some weights work post marathon – and core too)

Thursday – tried in the morning, made it a mile, called it a day

Friday – 5 miles, stayed on the sandy/dirt on the side of the road, felt good til the end

Saturday – 90 min 22 mile bike ride was absolutely GLORIOUS

Sunday – 4 miles.  so so

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