Weekly RUNdown – Marathon Training Week 13

Monday – 5 mile TM

Tuesday – 5 miles outside in the snow/slush (totally wasn’t expecting to wake up to snow?!) in the early am…I thought my days of dodging plows were over, but apparently not…

Wednesday – 8 miles on the TM in the afternoon.  I would’ve gone outside, but didn’t want to have to deal with plows.  Listened to the Boston Marathon training sessions during the run.  Reminded me how much I prefer being outside :)

Thursday – well, I’d been planning on going to the gym and running during the day, since a snow day was practically guaranteed, but instead we got no snow day and it took me an hour to get to school.  Then I found out I had a meeting after school (which lasted 3 hours) and by the time I got home, and did my work, the gym was closed and it was still horrible out = no run :(

Friday – 5 miles in the afternoon.  Not my finest by all means, but got it done.

Saturday – 20.2: 5.5 by myself, then 10.5 with a local triathlon group, mainly someone who’s running his 21st consecutive Boston – wow!  It was fun to long run with people, hear all about Boston, and find some new loops.  I finished it up with 4.2 on my own.  When a 21x Boston runner tells you that you’re ready for Boston, I guess that means I am?!

Sunday – wanted to indoor bike, but again the gym is closed for break.  Went for a long walk instead

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6 Responses to Weekly RUNdown – Marathon Training Week 13

  1. I feel your pain with dodging snow plows! This has been like the winter that never ends and it’s thrown my training for a loop a couple of times. Awesome job with your training this week! And great idea on running part of your long run with a group!

    • Caroline says:

      Yeah, tell me about it! Just as it got warm last weekend, more snow hit. How has your training been going, you must be getting close to the taper?! I must say, having some company on my long run was much-welcomed this week – I think I’ll do the same for my next (last!) 20ish miler!

      • Overall the training has been going well! This is my last week of hard training – with my last 20 miler on Sunday – then tapering! I’ll see if I can find a group for that lost lo g run – good luck with the rest of your training!

  2. Kristin says:

    Wow, I’m so impressed! Great job on your runs!! Awesome job! ;)

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