Weekly RUNdown – Marathon Training Week 9

Monday – 3 mile TM (fast) and lift (it was super rushed, but better than nothing I suppose)

Tuesday – 4 miles in the am, felt hard but that’s because it was SUPER cold – I found out once I got back it was in the negatives, without the windchill! oh well, still a nice start to the day

Wednesday – 5 mile run (give or take) in SAN FRAN – crazy to go from two pairs of pants one day to capris and a short sleeve shirt the next.  Oh and should I mention the hills? fun stuff.

Thursday – off – red eye back east and next to no sleep the previous day means a rest day for me…

Friday – 13 miles in the afternoon, after the snow storm.  bike path (because it was the only thing that was clear) – SUPER windy on the way back, which was no fun at all, but good for mental toughness/trying to maintain a positive attitude.  no fuel.

Saturday – 65 min spin with some 3 on/3 off increasing intervals

Sunday – gorgeous 7 miles that kind of made up for the 13 on friday and my legs feeling like bricks then.  We got more snow overnight, so lots of slush-hopping

Total:  around 32.  this was a cut-back week for me…on to 17 for the long run next week!

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