Five Things Friday

Again thanks to Clare for hosting!

Five things from school

1) Oh yeah, did I mention I went back to high school?  They decided I didn’t pass so I had to make up some work…jk I’m student teaching this semester and this was my first week…hence the lack of posts compared with my vacation self.

2)  The week started out with a two hour delay…the first ever delayed start I’ve had in my life.  Naturally, I was wide awake in anticipation of my first day, so ended up not sleeping in and instead put in some quality time with the treadmill…I know.

3)  Hearing the years my students were born in makes me feel plain old.

4)  Now I am the one complaining about students constantly texting during class…see #3 about feeling old.

5)  Dressing up for school was fun for about the first three days.  I’m generally a sneakers and running clothes kind of person, so actually having to put thought into what I wear is rough.

Five cool things to read:

1)  Did you see the Northern Lights?! I’m certainly hoping to!

2) A friend of mine showed me this article looking into whether a patch with antioxidants could aid in concussion recovery

3)  Has anyone seen this Countdown to the Olympic Games?  I’m just a little excited, and even more so because the second week is over my February break!

4)  Speaking of the Olympics, what do you know about the biathlon?

5)  Winter training via RunnersWorld…something I need to keep in mind!

Five Things to Make!

1) Homemade granola bars to bring to school

2) Tortellini, bean, and pesto soup

3)  Apple Butter Pie Bars

4) Chocolate Coconut Oatmeal Banana Bread

5) Dark Chocolate Almond Meal Cookies

What’s on one of your “Five Things Friday” lists?

What should I bring to my class potluck next week?  Any fun (but easy/cheap) dessert ideas?

Have a wonderful weekend!

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8 Responses to Five Things Friday

  1. Amanda H says:

    Yum those cookies look amazing! Sprinkle cake batter cookies were one of my mom’s staple easy, cheap but festive potluck desserts. This recipe looks similar to what mom made:

  2. Yum! Those recipes look delicious. That’s fun that you are student teaching! I absolutely hated high school, I might cry if I had to go back haha!

  3. Julie says:

    I’m going to student teach in March for the second time, for my second credential. I love it because I love the classroom, but at the same time, I hate it because I won’t get paid for 3 months. :( What are you teaching? I work with high school students… it’s going to be creepy when I’m at the age where I can be their parents. Not there yet… I’m more of like an older sibling now.

    • Caroline says:

      Yeah, I feel you on the whole not being paid thing…I hope you live close to your school at least to save on gas?! I’m teaching high school biology – what are you teaching? Right have the other problem of blending in with the crowd a bit.

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