Weekly RUNdown

Monday – 5K at the running store in the COLD and dark (avg 7:35)

Tuesday – 10K on my own, it was COLD (again, do we see a pattern?!) (avg 8:21)

Wednesday – 4 mile walk with my sister

Thursday – 4 mile TM run (would have been longer, but I was kicked out of the gym because they were closing early due to snow!)

Friday – was planning on running, but the gym was closed due to snow and I felt it was better to not run outside given our wind chill warning.  I did this at home workout followed by a variation of this ab workout…not what I would have hoped for but better than nothing!

Saturday – runnersworld yoga video and 8 min abs level 2, oh and a lot of walking

Sunday – Ran OUTSIDE! it was still about 7 outside, but that’s a good 25 degrees warmer (I kid you not) then it was Saturday morning.  Run was hard, probably because of snow, and cold/breathing.  wore yaktrax which were absolutely awesome! (avg 8:50)–>lots of stopping for snow, cars, crossing streets, etc.

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2 Responses to Weekly RUNdown

  1. pickyrunner says:

    The weather has seriously been brutal. I got my first outdoor run in this morning. I hadn’t run since new years day and that was miserably cold too. I need to try yaktrax- I was sliding all over the roads!

  2. Caroline says:

    Tell me about it! It was so nice to be out this morning, even if it was SUPER slow-going. But, yes, this was my first time trying the yaktrax and they were amazing – they gave me so much more grip than normal sneakers, and actually stayed on quite well. I haven’t tried other products/spikes, but these worked well for me on their first test run!

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