Five Things Friday – 2014 edition

Wow! Another Friday here already and my last Friday of “freedom” before school starts back up again?!  I was hoping to go out for a xc ski this morning as we have all this new beautiful snow, but we’re actually in a wind chill warning (feels as low as -37F) so instead I’m writing this post :)

 So, five items of randomness from my drive to school yesterday:

1.  I never went faster than 45 mph – usually the roads are at least 70 but with the snow storm (which I tried to get a jump on by leaving so early) things were slow going, which was fine by me.  I realized it was just going to be a long trip and didn’t rush anything, which worked out great.

2. I stopped to return a water bottle belt on the way – this is a perfect “you know you’re marathon training when…” quote.  That’s right, I bought/was given two water bottle belts this break…oops!  Good thing I could return one of them :)

3. The remix of the “best” songs from 2013 – have you heard it yet? It’s actually pretty good

4.  Wind chill warning – who knew that was even a thing?! Blizzard, yes.  Coastal flood warning, yes.  High winds, yes.  But wind chill warning? Something I’d never heard of before – I’d always realized it got colder (and dangerous) but didn’t realize it was a legit “weather warning.”  Guess I won’t be running today…outside is too dangerous and the gym is closed.

5. Beautiful – Despite it being freezing, having to shovel, etc. I still think the winter wonderland is absolutely beautiful…as long as you don’t have to drive/get anywhere in it :)

How much snow did you get? (if you got any)

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One Response to Five Things Friday – 2014 edition

  1. jmlol says:

    8in here. I feel the same, so long as I don’t have to drive it; it’s pretty.

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