Running – Year in Reivew

Thanks to Lindsay at RunningtheWindyCity for this Running Year in Review!

Races participated in: 9
Races “raced”: 3
DNFs: 0
DNSs: 0

5K: 6
10K: 1
HM: 2
M: 0
New to me distances: I’d never “raced” a 5K OR 10K before!

States raced in: Massachusetts and Maine

Countries run in:  3! United States, Costa Rica, and Canada!

Road: 9
Technical Trail: 0 –> I want to change this in 2014

Months run in: 12, although my mileage dropped this summer when I was having issues with my running sneakers.
Hottest race: 5K at NERC this summer – we all took it slow because it was in the high 80s/low 90s…at 6:45 at night!  It’s no surprise that there was CRAZY thunder and lightning at the end.
Hottest run:  This day in Costa Rica

Coldest race: Cape Elizabeth Turkey Trot – it was SO SO SO windy!. It was maybe 15 degrees on race morning?
Coldest run:  Tuesday during reading period I went out for a 5 miler before breakfast with a friend.  At breakfast, I found out that it was -10 F outside, without windchill – I had no idea!  I was so bundled up for the run – even with the neckwarmer up on my face, I still finished with “snowflakes” on my eyelashes

Windiest race: Cape Elizabeth Turkey Trot FOR SURE! When you hear the wind howling while sitting in your car, it makes the motivation of getting out to run a bit harder.  Thankfully, the run was on neighborhood roads and we weren’t running into it too much.
Wettest race: Thankfully not!  The past 3 or so years the Maine Marathon has been pouring, but for some reason it wasn’t this year – I’ll take it!

Participation medals received: 2
AG medals received: 1! So exciting, even though it was a small race :)
PRs: 3, 5K (my first), 10K (my first), and the half.  I ran the 10K with my dad (pacing him) so I know I have a faster 10K in me, but it was my first 10K so I guess that makes it a PR!
Placed in AG:  At the Cape Elizabeth Turkey Trot – I was running for GOTR and I got 2nd in my age group while another woman running with us took 2nd women’s overall – GOTR represent!

Races run alone: 7
Races run with others: 2
Who:  GOTR buddy run – SO much FUN! and also ran the 10K with my Dad
Acted as pacer: I guess you could say I “paced” my Dad in the 10K – he wanted to finish in under 60 and we did.

Races run without music: I actually run all of them without music…who am I?!
Races run without Garmin: 2 – 1 pre-purchase, and the other was the Buddy Run
Races run in costume: 0 – something else I want to change in 2014.  I did “dress up” for the Buddy Run – tall crazy socks, pink and green hair, face tattoos, but not a coherent costume per say.

 Best training/long run:  This one – it was my third attempt at getting a long run in pre-half marathon, and was certainly worth the wait!

Strangest thing on a run:  Definitely when I got hit by an acorn…which then bruised.  Or when I ran a few miles with a moose

And while we’re on the subject of  racing, let’s address my 2014 running goals.

1. Finish the marathon distance. 

2. Foam roll at least 4x a week. 

3. Be SMART about training

4. Start to increase weekly mileage slowly post-Marathon

5. Join a running club and really get involved with it.

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2 Responses to Running – Year in Reivew

  1. jmlol says:

    Great job. And the goals? You got them in the bag.

  2. Caroline says:

    Ah, thanks! I certainly hope so. The marathon will certainly be a challenge, but an exciting one!

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