Five Things Friday

Long time no post, right?  I have a two word answer for that, though: Finals Week.  I’ve been in a little bit of a black hole this past week, and yes it is partly because I was working on my unit plan for the Solar System.  But I digress.  What’s important is that it is now Friday and I AM DONE! But actually.  DONE with the semester, DONE with college classes.  Yeah, you heard that right. Barring somehow failing one of the classes I just took, my credits are all set and I am done.  I’ll still be at school in the spring, which I’m excited about, but I’ll be full time student teaching high school biology, which will be quite the different experience.  More on that later though – Let’s get to Five Things Friday! Once again, thanks to Clare for hosting!

1.  SO MUCH SNOW! We got at least a foot Sunday night, and then another foot Tuesday night.  All I can say is it is a good thing it was SO cold out, because it meant the snow was super light and fluffy.  (It still took me a good 40 minutes to dig my car out on Sunday afternoon…I can only imagine what it would have been like if that had been heavy wet snow).  Unfortunately I didn’t have skis with me at school, but you can bet they’ll be coming back with me – along with a shovel!  (And by skis, I of course mean cross country skis – I am in no way coordinated enough for downhill!)

2.  What did I do between snow storms?  Go for a run (outside) of course!  (Okay, actually two).  It was absolutely gorgeous, even though some of the roads I was on I definitely could have skied on.  I also found out after one of my morning runs that the temperature outside was in the negatives…I don’t know if it was smart or stupid not looking up the weather beforehand, but I was super bundled up with 2 pairs of pants, a hat, mittens, and a neck warmer that pretty much covered my entire face.  I ended with “snowflakes” on my eyelashes.  It was kind of awesome.

3.  It cost me nearly 7 dollars to print out my end of semester final unit plan on the Solar System that I put together.  Printing is 5 cents a sheet…you do the math.  It was the last thing I had to turn in, and I felt like I was turning in my final thesis of sorts.  So much work went into it, and I’m actually really excited with the final result.

4.  I’ve decided I’m definitely going to have to make some CDs for my drives to school next semester.  It’s about half an hour away and I cannot listen to talk radio in the morning.  Plus, as my drive home yesterday reminded me, the radio is SO repetitive.  So I’m looking for some easy going chill music that won’t put me to sleep but also isn’t too crazy for early mornings.  I’m really enjoying Passenger and Bastille’s latest song recently, but am looking for new (to me) music…thoughts?

5.  My sister (who was already home on break at the time) texted me a picture of the most adorable mini gingerbread houses she had made that perch on your tea/coffee/hot chocolate mug.  I was in the middle of studying for biochem…fun times.  I hear they were not that difficult and will be trying them out myself soon!

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2 Responses to Five Things Friday

  1. Julie says:

    We didn’t get snow but some rain here. I don’t have a printer because ink costs so much. At the same time, I find myself paying a bunch when I need something like a term paper. Good thing my classes are mostly online or have online submission now!

  2. Caroline says:

    Ah, sad. (or maybe you were happy about the lack of snow) I’m definitely a snow kind of person – it’s so pretty! And yeah, I rely on the school printer. I normally can email in papers, but not this time. Oh well

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