Weekly RUNdown

Monday – swim, including starting out with a 2000 continuous!  I hit 4000 yds

Tuesday  –  10K on the treadmill at 1% incline listening to podcasts

Wednesday -6.25 miles outside in the snow – it was beautiful

Thursday – lift

Friday – spin (solo) 75 minutes vaguely based on this workout

Saturday – spin with a friend – 10 minute warm up, 6x (3min standing climb increasing tension every 30 seconds, 1 min seated sprint (easy tension), 2 minutes recovery), 3 minutes easy, 5 minutes of (30 seated hill sprint, 30 easy), cool down – 61 minutes also abs

Sunday – 40 min or so elliptical, 8 min abs video + 1 elbow, 1 side, 1 side, 1 elbow, and pt exercises.  Oh and about 40 minutes of shoveling SNOW! that’s got to count for something, right?!

*took it easy on the running this week, partly because it’s finals but mostly just to be extra careful and make sure the ankle got some extra rest.  Into marathon training next week!

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