Weekly RUNdown

Monday – 3600 yds (main set was a ladder 300 to 25 yds decreasing by 25 yds (300, 275, 250…50, 25) + 1 mile walk

Tuesday – 10.25 on the TM at 1% incline – averaged around 8:20

Wednesday – 5 miles and a 2100 swim (main set: 3×200, 3×100, 3×50 – 1st of each set easy, then medium, then hard effort.  Also 6×25 sprint)

Thursday – lift, same old same old.  I really need to do this more often because boy was I sore on Friday + 1 mile walk

Friday – speedy 33 minute run outside (in shorts and a tank top!) followed by 50 minutes spin with a friend and some random abs.  We did 10 min w/u, 6x 3 min hard 3 min easy,  6 x 30 sec sprint 30 sec easy, 10 min cool down

Saturday – 90 minute pool run (20 warm up 6x 2:30 hard 30 easy, 7 minutes recover/medium, 6×2:30 hard 30 easy, 7 recover then 3 minutes each of: 10 hard 10 easy, 20 hard 20 easy, 30 hard 30 easy, 1 min easy, 3x 30 hard 10 easy, 5 x 20 hard 10 easy, 9×10 hard 10 easy, cool down (about 3 min) also about 1.75 miles of walking/running because it was freezing going to the formal on campus.  Yes I ran there from my dorm, and yes I wore flats with that in mind- it was COLD!

Sunday – really wanted to go for a run but decided to be a *smart* person and give my ankle another day off, because it was feeling off after my longer run this week.  Instead I did about 25 on the arc trainer/elliptical thing and then an awesome 45 minute spin.  Spin by yourself isn’t the best, but I had some good music and had set out what I wanted to do, which I think is key.  5 min warm up, then 6 rounds of: 3 min hard uphill out of the saddle increasing resistance every 30 sec (15-20 res.), 1 min sprint in saddle (12), 1 min easy recover.  I did 5 minutes of random position changes/jumps and then a 5 min cool down.  Ah how it feels good to sweat :) + 1 mile walk around campus

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