Five Things Friday

1.  I had my last lab EVER on Tuesday (and by ever, I mean until I go to grad school.  In all actuality, lab is often really cool, but it is a time suck, especially when you have multiple.

2.  Remember how I had troubles with my running shoes earlier on in the year when they were too tight?  Well I may have found a solution.  I mentioned my problem at the running store last week, and they suggested putting shoe trees in to see if that would stretch it out.  (As someone who wears sneakers, snow boots, and flip flops I had to ask what this was!)  All I can say was so far so good!

3. I’m not anywhere near this stage of my life, but this is absolutely beautiful and worth a read.

4.  I had a sort of informational interview today, but instead of talking over the phone, or sitting together in a desk/office area, we went for a walk.  Umm that’s the sort of job environment I’d love to work in – quick change into sneakers and a walk for a meeting? Yes please!  I learned SO much and continue to be amazed at how helpful and willing to talk about their job/life with me people are.

5.  I have a beautiful Christmas sweater made by a good friend of mine that I think needs to be brought out soon…it has garland across the top and down the arms such that when you make a circle with your arms, it looks like a wreath.  Beautiful I tell you, beautiful.

And because I’m on a roll, a few extras for you:

5a. I’m currently loving this song.

5b. Wise words from Nelson Mandela

5c.  Along the same lines, this book is worth a read.

5d.  Soup with kale and ginger?!  I need to make this asap!

5e.  And finally, I may have some exciting news to share in the next few days…it relates to running but nothing is for certain yet, so stay tuned!

What’s one of your “five things Friday”?

Do you have a fun holiday sweater?   Any ugly sweater parties out there?

Any good soup recipes you want to share?  I need to try some new ones!

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