Wise Wednesday

It’s Advent.  The coming or arrival, especially of something extremely important.  It’s a time of excitement, but also a time to stop, think, and reflect – something I know I need to do more of.  Regardless of how you may celebrate this holiday season, I think this is a good reminder for all of us to slow down.  For me, I’m in the middle of finals and finishing up my last semester of college – craziness on so many levels.  But as I was thinking about on my run this morning, as I often have my best, deepest thoughts then – I do need these reminders every once and a while to pause, slow down, and focus on what is important to me.  What am I doing to reach up, reach out, and help out?  Just something to ponder.  The next time you’re outside (go now if you can!) look up at the stars.  For me, they have a calming, centering effect that I just can’t explain.  Maybe it’s the vastness of our universe that I see in the stars, which just makes all the things in my life which seemed so overwhelming seem so trivial.  Perspective is key.

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