Weekly RUNdown

Monday – 3500 swimming: 400 w/u, 300 alt 50 free/50 breast, 200 kicking

2×500: (250 easy, 150 increase, 50 hard, 50 kick)

2×25, 2×50, 2×75, 2×100, 2×100, 2×75, 2×50, 2×25 – 1st of the 2 is hard, 2nd is easy/steady.  break only

between different length sets (aka 2×25 is swum continuously as a 50, changing speed after the 1st 25)

600: (350 free, 50 breast, 50 free, 50 breast, 100 free)

Tuesday – 9.10 on the dredmill (at 1% incline) – it was snowing and all my warm clothing was at home, so I hopped on the ‘mill. I wanted to get my long run in, and I did while watching the snow :)

Wednesday – travel day.  I got in 30 minutes on the elliptical as well as this burpee workout I’ve done previously before hopping in the car for a three + hour drive south. (ankle was hurting a bit, so I took Wedns/Thurs easy with lots of ice!)

Thursday – 30 minute walk with the family, followed by 2 rounds of this “no nonsense” workout by Julie at pbfingers (she has lots of awesome at home workouts on this page!)

Friday – Run at my family’s before I headed in the car for another 3 hours (it was a whirlwind trip but fun to see family) 5.3 miles

Saturday – Finally a run at home – I’d forgotten how wonderful this route is, but especially for a long run.  Unfortunately I didn’t get a full long run in, but I cannot complain about a gorgeous 10K in the snow!

Sunday – 6.25 on the dredmill (1% incline) – quick pace (for me), averaging just under/around 8 min mile

totals: 26.85

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