I Swim in December


Yeah, that’s right.  It’s December 1st and what do I decide to do before driving up to school at 10 am?  Go swimming, that’s what.  In the Atlantic Ocean.  Turns out is was SUPER windy by the water, so the waves at the beach we normally go to were probably my height, aka really big.  We spent some time sitting in the car watching them before deciding to see what the waves were like at the other nearby beach.  None of us wanted to bail, but the waves were actually crazy.

At the other beach they were still big, but a whole lot calmer, so we decided to go for it.  Honestly, it wasn’t too cold outside (44F) but the wind was the killer.  That and we all (my sister, our friend, and myself) decided to leave everything in the car except our towels…rookie mistake of not wearing sandals – the transition of road to sand to rock as we were running into the water was a rough one, and made for some significant stumbling as we ran into the water and then tried to get out as quickly as possible!  I think my feet were the absolute coldest and we definitely were NOT expecting the sand to rock transition so soon!  Ha something to remember :)

Somehow this seems to have become a tradition when we’re all back from school.  We dunked Columbus Day Weekend, and now Thanksgiving, so it looks like a Christmas/New Years plunge is definitely in the works.  But don’t worry, I’ll be prepared with flip flops, looking up the tides to make sure we go at high tide (having to wade far out into the water to get to a depth you can dunk at is painful), and of course someone to photo-document it!  As for today, it was a great wake-up call – I was definitely awake for my drive north to school!

Quote of the day (as we’re all running – read stumbling – out of the water):  “That was such a poor life decision…but it was so great!”

pretty much sums it up!

Do you participate in Polar Plunge?  

I actually never have on New Year’s Day, but that might change this year!

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2 Responses to I Swim in December

  1. jmlol says:

    OMG you’re a trooper!

    • Caroline says:

      Haha yep! It’s fun though, and has definitely become a tradition :) We’ll see how long into the year this lasts though…I’m not so sure I’ll be quite as excited if it’s snowing/lots of ice outside!

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