Five Things Friday

I realize there have been fewer posts lately than before, oh the week before Thanksgiving “let’s fit in all the tests/papers/labs that we possibly can!”  That’s been my life lately.  That and organizing a food drive on campus for the week after Thanksgiving.  So here are a few fun snippets from the week – Thanks so much to Clare for hosting Five Things Friday!

1)  SNOW!!!


(Don’t worry, there’s more to come!)

It started as hail, turned to snow, and ended with some rain.  But it doesn’t matter WE HAD OUR FIRST SNOW TODAY!  After missing out last year while abroad, this made me so excited.  Of course, come slush season in March I doubt I’ll be as enthusiastic, or if we get a few feet the night before a long run, but for now it just makes me happy :)

2)  My bio class.  When we got to class on Monday, my teacher was standing outside the room and told us not to get too comfortable.  He said it was far too nice outside and we were not going to waste one of the last gorgeous days in the classroom – it was in the 50s I’d say and sunny – and so we walked over to the football field to have class in the stands.  Well, since football is over the gates were locked, so did we walk back to the classroom?  Nope. We called security to come let us in :)


3)  Leaving for Thanksgiving in just a few days…and I have a friend to drive home with!  Don’t worry, lots of baking will be happening, including a pumpkin pie from real pumpkin!  I’m voting for a ginger or graham cracker crust.


4)  Spinning. I took a lot of spin classes at the Y this summer, which were absolutely awesome.  I haven’t been since, but just discovered today that there are spin bikes at school we can use without signing up (read: paying for) a class!  So we had a spin session this afternoon which was absolutely awesome.  Friend + Spin + Imagine Dragons Pandora Playlist = pretty awesome.  I was dripping at the end, and it’s certainly harder coming up with your own routine on the spot, but it was awesome – I missed it!


5)  Last weekend.  Between backpacking with a close friend from high school one day and buddy running with a 4th grader at the Girls on the Run Celebratory 5K last weekend, I’ve been riding the high ever since!  I just hope it can get me through the couple of labs that stand between me and Thanksgiving break…

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3 Responses to Five Things Friday

  1. Julie says:

    We don’t get snow here so that’s super exciting!

  2. Caroline says:

    By the end of the season, I’ll be more than ready for some sun and warmer weather, but having lived in New England all my life, I do love the snow! (and I’m not even a skier!)

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