Hi again!  Happy (almost) Friday.  I must say with daylight savings getting up early has been easier, partly because it still feels a bit later, but also there is light!  Morning runners rejoice!  I did miss seeing the sunrise Tuesday morning on my run, but being light out was definitely a plus.  I just have to remember not to complain when I get out of lab and it’s already dark, because I do like the light in the morning.  It’s a trade off, for sure.  I had been getting used to running in the dark.  Ah well.

In any case, a huge thanks to both jmlol and nolongernakedrunning for nominating me  for the Leibster Award – what an awesome surprise!  You both came up with great questions too, and I had a lot of fun (read: spent a lot of time procrastinating studying) coming up with answers.  As for what that is, it is award you pass on in order to give kudos to new blogs/bloggers. The rules of the Liebster award are as follows:

-Each nominee must link back the person who nominated them.
-Answer the 10 questions which are given to you by the nominator.
-Nominate 10 other bloggers for this award who have less than 200 followers.
-Create 10 questions for your nominees to answer.
-Let the nominees know that they have been nominated by going to their blog and notifying them

So, without further ado, my answers to nolongernakedrunner’s questions…(jmlol I have another post with yours!):

1) What got you into running/training/fitness?

I played (and loved) team sports all through high school – field hockey, swimming and diving (yes I did both!), and lacrosse, so always had to run for conditioning/being in shape for the season.  When I got to college, though, I didn’t have a fall or spring sport for the first time in gosh knows how long.  One day, pretty early on in the year, I was having a rough day and just needed to get away from campus, so I laced up my shoes and off I went.  I haven’t looked back since!

2) What’s your favorite food (why?)

MANGOS!  I’ll admit I was spoiled in that I was able to buy a fresh mango for about 50-60 cents last semester when I was studying in Costa Rica.  My paper plate award for the program was “Most likely to suffer from mango withdrawl”…sounds about right.  I may or may not have brought a Costco sized bag of frozen mango with me to college this year…

3) Who’s the most important person in your life?

Really? Just one?  Okay, well I’d have to say my sister then (good thing I only have one!)  She’s always been there for me and is the person I turn to first when I need someone to talk to.  She’ll always be there to listen, laugh, and talk some sense into me when I need it (as in, you should go abroad!  Best. decision. ever.)

4) What is your favorite motivational quote?

Again, just one?!

5) What was your worst birthday/anniversary/other holiday gift received EVER?

Hmm well I received a hair dryer for Christmas one time, and if you know me at all I NEVER use a hair dryer.  Yes I swim/dive and my hair freezes sometimes, but whatever, I deal.  I kind of gave my parents a quizzical look because they know this about me, and they were quick to respond, “don’t worry, we know you’re not going to use it for your hair, but you’ll have it for when you have your own place and the pipes freeze (thanks)…or for arts and crafts projects”…sounds about right.

6) What are you afraid of?

Hmmm I don’t know.  Dogs when I’m running.  Cats kinda freak me out sometimes, I’m not going to lie.  Right now though, can I say the future?  It’s kind of a love/have excited/afraid relationship…not sure where exactly I’ll be (in so many ways) next year.

7) What’s the best prank you’ve done (or had done to you?)

My sister and I rigged this whole system at home when we were little so that my parents would walk into a fishing line when entering the kitchen, which would trigger all the lights to turn off.  Not super clever, by any means, but we spent a LOT of time setting it up.  Sure enough, when we saw their car coming into the street, we ran to hide and ran right into our “trap.”  Ooops…

8) What did you “want to be when you grew up”?

I’m pretty sure every girl in my elementary school wanted to be a marine biologist at some point, because we thought that meant you just got to swim with dolphins.  I also remember having a little kids’ doctor set and thinking that would be pretty cool too…

9) Do you have a pet or pets?

We had a fish….named Fishy.  I think this was in middle or high school.  Yes, his name was Fishy, and yes, he was with us 3+ years.  My sister and I just couldn’t come up with a name, and so Fishy stuck.  I like to think it’s better than calling your dog D.O.G (read the letters and that’s the name) or Nothing (yes, I know dogs by both those names).

10) Who would you most like to meet/have dinner with if that person could be anyone- dead or alive?

That’s a tough one.  Right now, I’m going to say Mother Teresa.

In terms of nominating others, if you’re reading this, please link up!

Also, feel free to answer one/some of these in the comments!  Also, day light savings: love it or hate it?  Would you prefer light in the morning or afternoon?

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