Weekly RUNdown

Monday – 27 minute run, followed by 2,200 yd swim as follows

300 w/u, 6×75 kick/pull/swim, 100 yd drill (break down stroke), 400 easy, 2×200 medium, 4×100 hard 150 cool down

Tuesday – early morning run with a friend, 46 minutes

Wednesday – 45 elliptical, weights, abs

Thursday – morning run: 5.17 miles in 44:50 (8:40 average) –> it was dark, so that’s going to start impacting times – the sidewalks are not all flat!

Friday – off, walk around island

Saturday – am canoe trip with the outing club

Sunday – 7.39 mile run in 1:00:11 (8:09 average).  Included a number of pauses (watch too), legs felt slightly heavy but better as I got into the run.  Ran with music.  Felt good to be back to longerish distances after the half.  I’m excited to keep building from here!

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