Back on the Mainland

Yep, back on the mainland.  Last week we took a trip with my Education class out to visit an island school, in order to get a better understanding of rural education, place-based learning, and some of the tensions between working and schooling in certain communities.  Although leaving Thursday morning and getting back late on Friday made for a bit of a crazy week (remember that Thursday and Friday are generally my calmer days of the week), it was definitely a fun and worthwhile trip.

The ferry ride is about an hour and a half, so it’s out there.  It was the first time this year I pulled out my winter hat (the winter coat doesn’t come out until after Thanksgiving – it’s still at home!)  because with the wind, it’s pretty chilly out on the water!  When we arrived, we were invited into  the community’s celebrate of Local Foods Day, with an amazing dinner of local, homecooked foods.  Our class all stayed in a closed down (for the season) B&B, and I stayed with two friends in the “best” room – we found the back stairs up :)  That night, we saw some of the local color as we cheered on the Red Sox (to a loss I might add, but they’ll turn it around!), lay outside star gazing, and pulled out our sleeping bags/squished three to a bed.

It was an early morning the next day, as we walked up to the school we were visiting to have breakfast and talk with teachers and administrators before the day began.  It was interesting to hear some of the more unique issues that small schools and specifically island schools face.  I won’t go into too much detail, but we then got a tour of the school, and I went to an earth science, vocational education,  anatomy, and precalculus class, in addition to an advisory/mentoring session.  It’s always interesting seeing how different teachers take on different subjects, and I must say the precalc class was by far the most interesting and brought me back to my own high school days.

The afternoon brought time to go down to the docks, learn more about the lobstering/fishing industry on the island, and walk through town.  The ferry ride back was, of course, gorgeous.  I’ll try to get some pictures up soon – I’m notorious for letting my friends take pictures and then taking them off facebook/getting them to send them to me :)  By the time we got back to campus, it seemed like we’d been gone for more than just 36 hours or so.  I must say, it was a well-timed break with a fun group of people…now I can get back at lesson planning :)  Hope your weekend’s going well!

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