I Cook for Twenty

Yesterday was a go-go-go kind of day.  Actually, this whole week is going to be like that, but that’s another story for another time.  Yesterday started off with a quick run and a swim with friends.  I love being part of triathlon club (sounds way more intense than it is) because it gets me to the pool.  Once I’m in swimming, I love it – it’s a great way to space out and have a relaxing start to your day, but honestly when it’s cold or rainy or dark, or just plain early, heading to the pool to jump in is one of the last things I want to do.  But when I know I have friends there, well, that’s another story.  After swimming was breakfast, and then an informational interview type call, which was longer than anticipated but in a good way – super helpful!  Of course that leaves you with an awkward amount of time before heading to class, but oh well.  Monday’s I’m in class straight 11:30-4:00, and then was off to cook for Food Co-op!

Basically, once a week a group of twenty or so students gather for a free, home-cooked, vegetarian meal that someone prepares.  This week was my week to cook, which is actually a lot of fun.  Cooking for twenty on a budget can be hard, in terms of estimation of portions, coming up with something everyone likes, not setting the smoke detector off and having to evacuate the building (it happened), but yesterday came together nicely.

Despite the last minute run to the store to buy ingredients for rolls when the person who was supposed to bring bread couldn’t come at the last minute, we somehow pulled off the 6:00 meal time and had enough to go around.  So many people were asking me for the recipe, I thought I’d share it with you all too.  It’s definitely something I’ll make again!

Kale, Buttternut Squash, and Garbanzo Bean Stew:  I made five times this recipe for about twenty people, but you could make it in a smaller batch!  We skipped the quinoa (although it would be a great addition) and cilantro, and I used fresh jalepeno and regular diced tomatoes since I couldn’t find fire-roasted.  Oh, and garbanzo beans in place of black beans.

Rolls/Biscuits:  Yes, they have yogurt.  Yes, I added a tiny bit of sugar for taste.  Yes, I had my doubts.  Yes, they were amazing and I’d totally make them again!  (Sidenote the dough was pretty amazing raw too, but then again I’m someone who likes to eat raw bread dough.  Strange…probably)

Dessert – caramel apples :)


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