Weekly RUNdown

Monday – 6 mile run, one of my favorite loops, some hills.  felt good, right knee off a bit, especially on downhills

Tuesday – 18 mile bike ride nice and slow, followed by 8 minute abs level 2

Wednesday – 2 mile run, then 2000 yd swim, 8 minute abs 2.0

Thursday – 60 minutes on elliptical

Friday – am 5 miles (combo run/walk at the end, knee off)

pm 45 minute elliptical, arm machine, ~10 minutes of abs,

Saturday – off, at conference all day

Sunday – am: bike to field; 20x side plank with leg raise on each side; 10 pushup, 10 plank jacks, 10 pushup, 10 plank jacks (no rest); 50 yds forward walking lunge, 50 yards reverse walking lunge; IM field hockey (mainly just shooting, dribbling, passing around); bike home

pm: burpee workout:

burpee/squat  10/2, 9/4, 8/6, 7/8, 6/10, 5/12, 4/14, 3/16, 2/18, 1/20, and reverse starting with 1/20 and working back up to 10/2

a few tabatas: 20 on 10 off for four rounds:  burpee and jumping jack, high knees and skaters, tuck jumps

Then the first 15 or so minutes of Yoga for Runners – it was awesome and made me realize just how tight I am, but it cut out on me partway through. I’ll definitely be trying it again…taking time for stretching is not my strong suit persay, but I’m trying!

I’ve been taking it as a slow running week and am looking forward to start building up my mileage.  I’ve been planking every night and trying to work the glutes as well with some basic theraband exercises.

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3 Responses to Weekly RUNdown

  1. SG says:

    Great job! Keep it up!

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