12 Things in a Long Weekend

Ah, long weekends are the best.  You always plan on getting so much accomplished and doing so many things, which rarely end up happening, but isn’t that the point of break anyway – that is supposed to be, you know, a break?!  Shout out to my teachers who emailed me mid-day on Monday with my assignment for the weekend and those who decided to change the assignment – too bad I’d already read the 3 chapters that were originally assigned.  But I digress. This weekend – it was great. Here are some snippets:

1) Good music always makes the car ride better.

2)  I have gotten 12+ hours of sleep 3 out of the past 4 nights…win.

3)  Family.  

4) Birthdays and baking and this unicorn cake I so badly wanted to make my sister for her birthday (she’s 20 btw and LOVED it).  We made cookie dough brownies and smores bars instead.  (brownie layer, layer marshmallows and crushed up graham crackers, then more brownie)

5) Speaking of music, let’s talk about Passenger and Let Her Go…just got the CD and have been listening non-stop

6)  Spinning the Beach – no, this does not refer to driving in donuts on the beach, but driving past the beach every single time you enter town.

7) Speaking of the beach, one thing I know to be true is that if you go swimming (in the ocean) in October, you will get a crowd.   They will laugh and cheer and ask you if you are drunk.  You will smile the biggest smile and answer no, and then contemplate how cold the water might be come Thanksgiving…

8) Reuniting with my summer running routes…both of which bring me to the water

9)  A few things I know to be true:  health is a gift, low tide is one of the best smells, kneading bread and running are the best therapies, sisters understand, you cannot spin the beach too many times

10) You don’t have to be a good singer to sing along to the radio…just turn it way up and belt out the lyrics (even if you don’t know them) with your sister and you’re all good :)

11) Surprising friends by showing up at their Cross Country meet (even if it means missing apple picking) is worth that post-race smile when they finally realize (despite your cheering during the race) that you came :)

12)  Short weeks are the best…but I should still probably go do that homework for tomorrow that didn’t get done while I was doing all of the above :)

Did you have a long weekend?

What was one fun thing you did this weekend?

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4 Responses to 12 Things in a Long Weekend

  1. pickyrunner says:

    Your weekend sounds PERFECT. I love short weeks too and am looking forward to mine. I miss the beach and new england in general.

  2. caroline says:

    It was pretty great :) I did miss the apple picking, which is sad because I honestly don’t know the last year I missed it, but I can’t complain! And yeah, New England’s pretty wonderful…certainly makes me just want to stick around here after graduation!

  3. BRRRRR ocean swimming… ok except for in Hawaii last weekend it was suhweeet. I will probably be hitting the pool all winter even in Florida it’s chilly. I give you mad props!

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