Weekly RUNdown

Monday – 1800 meter swim, took it nice and easy, just wanted to loosen up.  300 w/u, 6X75 pull drill swim, continuous 1050 alternate 100 swim, 50 pull.  Foam rolled and iced at night.  Was sore in glutes.

Tuesday – took a total rest day.  feeling a lot better

Wednesday – AM swim – 2000 yds (see breakdown below); PM 25 minute “jog around the neighborhood” and abs

300 w/u, 150 drills, 6×75 kick/pull/swim, 1000 continuous, 100 cool down (I think that adds up?!)

Thursday – remember when I used to lift?!  Yeah, me neither. I was going to elliptical (nice and easy) before my 8:30 biochem exam just to clear my head and hoping that getting my exercise in would lead to more points on my exam (if you haven’t you should read this) but as I jogged to the gym that was sounding boring.  Plus, I was no longer sore from Sunday, so why not jump back into strength training, which I had cut back on before the race so I wouldn’t be sore for the race.  So, I used 8s for the beginning, 20s for RDL, 15s for squats (then 35 lb bar instead), 12s for squat and press, 25 for wide leg, 20 for bride, 15 for sumo and press, and body weight/7s for rows.  It is now Sunday and my hamstrings are STILL sore.

Friday – 52 minute run with a friend, nice and slow and easy which is exactly what I needed.  We got to run over a river twice, which was absolutely gorgeous

Saturday – rest day, again.  I watched a cross country meet – does that count for anything??

Sunday – 5(ish) mile run back at home, up to the water.  Oh and I swam in the ocean too.  And by swam I ran into it, got up to about my knees before I saw a huge wave coming, and dunked.  In all honesty, it wasn’t actually that cold.  The ocean is WAY colder in May/June than it is in October!

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