I don’t know about you, but the week before Fall Break is always a crazy one, and I can officially say that (most of) the craziness is over.  I can’t say I had that bad of a week, but it did include a unit plan to turn in for my education class, an informational interview phone call, and a biochemistry exam that was part take home and part in class (aka the worst of both worlds).  There were also a ton of meetings and other activities, so it ended up working well to take an “easy” week after my half last weekend.  

Usually I’m the kind of person who will go stir crazy really quickly (my mom swears one of the first things out of my mouth after I got my wisdom teeth out a few summers ago was “when can I run again?”  clearly I was still under anesthesia a bit and so I have NO recollection of it, but honestly it sounds like something I’d say!)  In any case, the busi-ness of this week timed well with a rest week running wise.  Also, the fact that I was definitely sore on Monday probably helped.  Monday night I found a random foam roller in the common room downstairs and – no shame – just started foam rolling in the middle of the floor.  It. Felt. SO. Good.  I always skimp on stretching/foam rolling and am trying to change that and instead make it a habit.  

That being said, I did make it to the pool a few times this week, which was an awesome way to stretch out a bit and get some non-impact exercise in.  I usually have a hard time getting myself to the pool, but Monday/Wednesday a few of my friends (we run triathlon club together) go, and I must say peer pressure definitely works :)  In any case, I’m rambling again, probably because I’m just now surfacing after the week.  

What’s next?   


Fall break! 

I’ve packed up my laundry (of course), books (sadly), and running clothes (obviously) and am excited to reunite with family, friends, celebrate a birthday, apple pick, and bake up a storm.  Oh, and you can bet I’ll reunite with the beach…including maybe even a jump in the ocean!  For now, just a day at the middle school stands between me and home…see you on the other side!  


Do you have a long weekend?  Any fun plans? 

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