Weekly RUNdown

Monday – Long run (from last week) – finally got it in! 11.05 miles (listening to TED talks) in 1:33:48 for an average of 8:29 min/miles

Tuesday – Took a really easy 4.10 mile run in 35:30.  Ran 3 miles to the gym, where I foam rolled(!), stretched, and did core work, and then 1 mile back home.

Wednesday – Elliptical

Thursday – Elliptical

Friday -Long run in the middle of the day.  It was wonderful, but I WAY overdressed and actually made a quick pause at my dorm mid-run to change into shorts from capris!  I ran the first 9.13 in 1:15:25, an average of 8:15(!), and then met up with a friend to finish up the last few miles on some trails near campus.  I had 12 on the agenda, but she wanted to get a solid 4 in, so I ran a little extra.  You’ll note the pace dropped significantly, as we were bounding over roots, rocks, etc.  It was gorgeous though, and fun to run with a friend!  4.16 miles in 41:32 for 9:59 min/mile

Saturday – 4 Mountains :)

Sunday – rest

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