Thursday’s Thoughts

Well hello, my friends! I told you that the beginnings of my weeks are absolutely crazy with over 4 hours back to back classes each day…well here we are on Thursday and I’m just starting to surface a bit.  Honestly, but the time I reach Thursday afternoon I do admit that words sometimes start to ramble, so lets go with the Thursday Things List of interesting (or at least I think so!) happenings/musings from the week:

–  still excited about a beautiful LONG RUN on Monday :)


Well, this was from my running days in Costa Rica, but you get the idea. Same weather as Maine, no doubt :)

–  had one class cancelled on Wednesday, which was a beautiful thing – it meant I didn’t have to run from middle school to class, so instead of a 7:45-5:00 day, I got a two hour break in the middle of the day.  And by break, I mean I did work.  ha

– Having a kitchen to cook in – I swear, baking and running are my two therapies.  This week it was a long run and making pumpkin streusel bread…any suggestions for next week?

– Lightbulb moments.  I’ve been struggling with this biochem lab on enhancers and promoters and gene expression but finally it all came together this week, which is probably a good thing seeing as the lab’s due Tuesday…



– Potlucks are the greatest thing ever! Kale salad and roasted pineapple at the outing club potluck last night pretty much made my day

– This picture. That is all.


– The BEST socks.  My sister (via snapchat cuz we’re cool like that) tried to convince me that her rainbow unicorn socks were cooler – I beg to differ.  Wool socks and crocs is by far the way to go :) (plus it is totally a thing in Maine so I’m just going to roll with that :)


– Weekend adventures! I know it’s not the weekend yet but I’ll be back with a recap!  There’s always so much going on and so much work I could be doing, but sometimes you just have to get out there and go and realize that balance is a good thing.

– Aliens! And trying to learn about them!  I’m teaching a unit on space and the universe in a month or so, so I’m trying to read up on anything astronomy that I can.  That includes Drake’s Equation!

ImageWell, with that I’m off to work, write some labs, finish a paper, go for a RUN, and other randomness that needs to get done.  I’d love it if you’d share some Thursday Thoughts with all of us!

Ever heard of a log scooting contest?  If not, what’s your best (or craziest?!) guess?  

What about Drake’s equation?  Any resources for middle school space/astronomy?  

I’ll leave you with one fun fact of the day:  This Saturday the National Park Service will waive entrance fees in order to encourage Americans to explore America’s natural beauty, rich history, and culture.  So what are you waiting for? Get out there and explore!!


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