Weekly RUNdown

Monday – 41:27 run, garmin says 4.75 miles with splits:   mapmyrun says 4.95 miles.  I got hit by an acorn and it bruised (I couldn’t make this up if I wanted to!).  2100 meter pool workout:

Warmup:  300 swim, 100 kick, 100 pull (no pull buoy), 100 kick

Set: (ladder) 2×50, 2×100, 2×150, 200, 2×150, 2×100, 2×50.  I did 5-10 seconds between same distances and 30 seconds between change in distances.  I actually lumped the 200 and 2×150 together to do a continuous 500 on the way down.

Cool down: 100 easy

Tuesday: 5 min run to gym, then strength.

–  10x each front and side arm raise (8)

–  3 sets of 12x chest press (22.5, 25 for last 8), side arm rows (25) both sides

–  3 sets of 12x squat (35 lb bar), 30 x calf raise (35 lb bar)

–  3 sets of 12x squat (35 lb bar), 30 x calf raise (35 lb bar)

–  3 sets of alternate 8 pull up/5 dip (~29 assist I think?)

–  plank with feet on bosu ball, random sets of 5 push ups thrown in

–  3 sets 12x leg curl/leg extension alternate

–  squats on machine at 115

–  leg adducter @55 3×10

5 minute run back

pm 2 mile TM run to break in the new shoes!

Wednesday – 5.29 in 43:25 or an 8:12 average

Thursday – bike ride – just over 20 glorious miles at 15 mph average:)

Friday – attempt #1 at long run – made it 5.18 miles but cut it there because my leg wasn’t feeling it – I think the muscles weren’t used to biking! Added on about 35 on the elliptical and some abs in the pm

Saturday – off. Walked around in my new running shoes at Common Ground Fair to break them in.

Sunday – long run attempt #2. I was mentally prepped for rain and that was fine. Started out warm, no rain, and after 2ish miles the pouring rain came in sheets, which was fine – I had ziplocks and a hat and anti-chafe so I was prepared! But then the thunder came and it was LOUD and then I saw lightning and decided that probably wasn’t a good sign. Took cover under someone’s porch. Needless to say the long run did not happen…3rd times the charm, right? Added 37 elliptical and about 15 abs in the pm

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