Bike Ride by the Numbers

So much for only having one class on Thursdays.  Today was jam packed with class, middle school, meeting, work, and then another meeting, which brought me from about 8:30-4:30.  What are you to do after a long day?  Head out on a bike ride, that’s what.  I was a bit hesitant about going, knowing that I could easily fill the time with schoolwork, but I headed out and was SO glad I did…it seems like it always works that way.  So I will live you with a “numbers” recap of my ride:

1 – squirrel I almost ran over (seriously)

1 – piece of Girls on the Run clothing I was wearing, although I did bring my GOTR travel mug with me everywhere today, so I guess that counts for something?!  Happy Girls on the Run Spirit Day! 

2 – bugs I (knowingly) swallowed during the ride…I can count that towards my protein intake for the day, right?!

2 – Boat launches I made it to – once I reached one, I had to extend my loop to include the next!

3 – turkeys in the woods that nearly jumped out at me

5 – chickens hanging out by the side of the road

10 – other bikers and even more runners 

20.4 – miles covered

Ongoing – The amount of time I spent admiring the beauty around me and giving thanks for this amazing place and the ability to explore it on bike, foot, etc.  I am truly blessed.

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