Bruises, New Sneakers, and Kites

Yes, to those of you who were wondering my hand did bruise after yesterday’s run.  I really am not the kind of person who bruises like a peach, so that gives you a sense of how tall the tree was/angry the squirrel was that threw it at me :)  On another note, I tried out my new shoes today and they seemed great…for all two miles on the dreadmill (uh I mean treadmill).  I figure I’ll try and break them in slowly, you know be smart about it rather than just throwing them on and going out for a long run in a new pair of sneakers (not that I’ve done that or anything…)

Moving right along, my class schedule Monday through Wednesday is slightly crazy, which means Thursday and Friday aren’t bad…hello long runs on Friday morning!  But actually, I did consider the ability to do Friday long runs when planning my schedule.  Crazy? maybe.  But essentially, and I’m still trying to figure out the balance of it all, I’m beat by the time Wednesday night comes along, so I predict some post-heavy ends of the week, with random tidbits earlier on.  

So today I’ll leave you with a little inspiration, and a link you should all click over to and explore.  Ever heard of Operation Beautiful?  Spread a little love through a sticky note – I challenge you!


Have a wonderful week!  If it seems like an uphill battle, well just look up!

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