A (Reverse) Brick or Running Can be a Dangerous Sport

Happy Monday everyone!  I got mine started with the right foot forward even though I definitely was not ready to roll out of bed.  I looked out my window to see someone running by in full pants and a windbreaker, so I decided for capris and my new oh so comfy shirt from volunteering a local triathlon this weekend (more on that later).  Turns out I would have been MORE than fine in shorts and a t-shirt – I guess I should not be lazy next time and actually go downstairs to check the temperature :)  Well, this morning was a nice slow run but I must warn you, those squirrels are up to no good.  I don’t know if there are a lot of squirrels where you live (and if there aren’t you’ll probably think I’m crazy!) but around here they’re always jumping out of trash cans, almost being run over by bikes and runners, and today even dangerous!  Runners beware when you run under oak trees – they might throw down acorns at you!! Okay, maybe they won’t throw them at you, but have you ever been hit be a falling acorn?  Yeah, it happens. I wish I had a camera because I had a big red circle on my hand and a bit of a welt…just glad it didn’t catch me on the head!  Ah such interesting ways to start the day.  Aside from that, it was a gorgeous way to wake up.  

Apparently I didn’t quite get the order of the triathlon down from volunteering this weekend as I did a tri in reverse today.  First a run, then bike to the pool (all of maybe 5 minutes – it counts though right?!) and then a swim.  Any triathletes out there – are reverse brick workouts actually a thing?  

Too bad it was raining by the time I got out…it’s been raining all last week and I am ready for some SUN!   Other highlights of the day…getting a break halfway through my hour and a half bio class, because let’s be real I don’t have that long of an attention span…and teaching to my classmates a mini lesson using the analogy of a cookie factory to describe organelles inside a cell.  If only I had brought in cookies….  

What was the highlight of your Monday?

My big one of the day was picking up my running new sneakers that came in!  So excited to give them a (short) spin tomorrow!


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