First Day of Middle School

Judging by the title, I bet you thought I was going to give you a throwback thursday and show you some beautifully embarrassing picture of me in middle school, complete with the bangs, glasses, and braces (yep I had all three!)  Sorry to disappoint.  No cool pictures of me in middle school today, or even crazy stories.  What’s with the title then?  


Well I guess you could consider this my second first day of middle school, although this time I was wearing slightly different shoes (figuratively and literally…pun intended).  Today, I wore dress up sandals, nice pants and a shirt I finally remembered to cut the tag off of – I have a problem with always wearing clothes with the tag still on, you think I’d learn but no.  I put make up on (that’s a shocker for me!) and pulled out a bag other than my backpack.  You can probably guess it but today was my first time being on the teaching side of the classroom.  Before I get ahead of myself too far I should mention that I’m not teaching so much as shadowing for my education class.  I’m in an astrobiology class, and am (for now) helping out as needed – today it was with a density lab involving finding the volume of various objects through both measurement and displacement of water.  I’m excited for what the rest of the semester brings.  Middle school science was my favorite, as it had so much more to do with exploration and figuring things out than my classes since then, and I’m hoping to expose the students to this fun, engaging side of science.  Over the semester, I will teach three lessons (one videotaped!) and plan a whole unit.  It will be an experience to say the least, and an incredible learning opportunity – I am excited to begin!  

Do you call it middle school or junior high? Or something else?

Any fun stories to share?

Today we lost power because of these crazy thunderstorms that were passing through.  You could actually hear the whole school cheer as soon as they went off, and then boo when they went back on about 5-10 minutes later!

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