Weekly Rundown (Catch up)

Just to get caught up in the past weeks…scroll to the bottom for just this week.  I just wanted to have this logged somewhere so I can look back for training purposes.  I will most definitely be returning to the more frequent posts and weekly rundowns :)

Thursday (8/15) – 3.62 miles in 28:16 (avg 7:49)

Friday (8/16) – 2.25 miles in 18:09 (avg 8:04)

Saturday (8/17) – pre-River departure run of 5.09 miles (tuck) in 42:57 (avg 8:27).  Tried to go easy and not push pace too much

Sunday (8/18) – 10.17 extended School House loop tour of island in 1:04:33

Monday (8/19) – 5.12 mile run in 46.44 (School House loop on island, trails) (avg 9:07) and 13.28 mile bike around island (trails) in 1:27:46

Tuesday (8/20) – mile open water swim and bike to and from Great Sandy Bay

Wednesday (8/21) – Run around the island (trails) with my dad, his pace until I ran the last mile plus by myself, 5.2 miles in 48:07 (avg 9:15)

Thursday (8/22) – off

Friday (8/23) – spin class (60 minutes) and elliptical (30 minutes)

Saturday (8/24) – bike to the YMCA, this strength routine plus core, then bike home.  Biking totals 1:14:49 for 18.51 miles.  My legs were SORE after this combo (I wonder why…)

Sunday (8/25) – EASY run of 2.76 miles in 23:13 – again, babying the foot during “re-entry)

Monday (8/26) – am slow/easy 3.29 miles in 28:17 (avg 8:35)

– pm harder effort at the 5K group run at the local running store – 3.00 miles in  23:10 (avg 7:43).  I obviously went harder but didn’t want to push too hard to see how my foot would hold up

Tuesday (8/27) – Bike to spin, 1 hour (17 mile) spin class, bike home (total about 2 hours of biking)

Wednesday (8/28) – 5 miles in 42:00 (avg 8:24)

Thursday (8/29) – started this workout but something felt off so I switched to leg machines for my strength workout and core

Friday (8/30) – last spin class with the greatest teacher!  She goes back to teaching and I’m back at school.  Honestly, these classes push me SO hard and I love it.  Followed it up with a 4 mile run just because.

Saturday (8/31) – long run in the rain (for the first time since my half the first weekend of August!) it was pouring when I left, so I look a hat but it ended up stopping and just being SUPER humid so I took the hat off and tucked it in my shorts.  I ran without a watch or music (because of the rain), but my net time from inside the house to back inside again was 1:24 for about 9 miles…I’ll take it!

Sunday (9/1) – 10 minutes on the rowing machine followed by this strength routine and a lot of random ab workout.  Today instead of the plank rows I held a plank (with variations) for 1:30-2:00

Monday (9/2) – just over a 5 mile run, about 42 minutes.  One last run at home :)

Tuesday (9/3) – as I was writing this yesterday (Monday) I realized its been quite some time since I’ve taken a full rest day (and that my friends is why you make a log!) so today was the day.  I guess since my runs haven’t been long it never really hit me and it was actually hard to take a rest day.  (somehow I don’t think hard and rest day will be written in the same sentence once marathon training starts!)  Finished off the day with this yoga abs video, 8 minute abs 2.0 (a much needed change to work different groups), and yes the original 8 minute abs.

Note: some days I forgot to write down core work…I’ll try to be better about remembering to do it AND record it

Wednesday (9/4) – trying my hand at a “tempo run.”  On schedule per Runner’s World Smartcoach was 6 miles with 4 at 8:04.  Well, with a lot of pauses (stopped the watch too), here were my splits:  8:47, 7:56, 8:01, 7:45, 7:38, 8:30 an the last 0.04 at 7:51.  So clearly I need to work on pacing a bit when given track workouts…something to work on for next time!  Also did 8 minute abs

Thursday (9/5) – easy run (although it seems I’m slower this week.  I keep needing to remember I took quite some time off after August’s half marathon and it takes time and patience to build back up – jumping in too hard/fast just causes injury.)  4.18 miles in 36:38 for an average of 8:45 (slow for me)

Friday (9/6) – long run, which I took VERY easy.  tacked on an extra mile at the end because I had the time and was feeling food.  11.12 miles in 1:38:37 for an 8:58 pace.  Eh it works.

Saturday (9/7) – reunited with the Tri Club and it feels so good :) We biked out to the ocean (4-5 miles), did an open water swim (no idea how far/long), and then biked home.  (plank holds at night)  I had a tiny freak out at the beginning of the swim – I had a wetsuit (thank goodness) but it was freezing and I suddenly realized this was my first ocean open water swim, one of the first times I’d been long distance swimming since the fall(?!) (no pool in CR), and first time I didn’t have a motor boat with me, although we were in a group/buddy system.  I floated on my back, regained composure, and continued on.  We swam out to an island, hung out there, and came back.  My motto was “everyday is a gift” and I considered how lucky I was to be out there, swimming, with the sun sparkling and shining down, with an amazing group of people.  It was tough, but don’t worry, I’ll be back.  I’ve also found that the diving sammy works remarkably well for tri workouts…

Sunday (9/8) – the return of strength training! I know I really must change up the routine, but i went twice through this workout, with planks instead of rows – 1:30, 2:00 of planks!

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