Back in the Swing of Things…Not Quite Yet


There’s something about getting back into the school routine that I like.  Once you figure out how your classes work, what the teachers are like, what time you have to leave to make everything, which activities you’re going to do, who you have lunch with and when, I think you get the picture.  Maybe it’s routine that I crave, or just something stable to depend on.  Or maybe it’s just that I’ve “done” school for the las 16 years, and with the crisp air and changing colors of the leaves come school buses, squeaky-clean hallways, metal lockers with my name written on them, class schedules, new notebooks, and re-connecting with friends.  It’s weird to think I may not be doing this next year…or maybe I will, but in reversed roles.  

In any case, back to school.  I don’t have that schedule yet, still working on it.  In fact I’ve only attended one of the four classes I’m signed up for.  (well, I also attended a class I”m not signed up for and am wanting to add but know it’s probably not the best idea…I just miss Spanish so much after being abroad in Costa Rica last spring!)  In any case, I diverge.  

Since we started on a Thursday this year (don’t ask me why), that means I only had one class because get this (and I didn’t try to work it out, it just happened) – for the first (and probably the last) time ever I don’t have classes on Friday!   And I must say, I could get used to this, although probably for different reasons than other people :)  I got to laze around my dorm a bit Friday and not get up at the crack of down to fit in a beautiful, relaxed long run in Friday morning.  It wasn’t my fasted by ANY means, but as my good friend (don’t I wish) Kara Goucher explains, training is not about perfection, and that’s important to remember.  


Back to Friday.  Don’t get me wrong, early morning runs are one of my favorites (crazy? maybe.) But it really was nice not to feel rushed in order to make it to class (showered hopefully!) on time – I even extended my loop a bit (crazy? definitely!)  

So it’s going to take through next week to finally get a schedule down.  I have my other three classes on Monday and Wednesday, and also start my placement in a local middle school.  Astrobiology, here I come!  Don’t be surprised if you pick up some space facts on this blog in the next few weeks :)  

I’ll also start back up with triathlon club, continue half marathon training for my race in October, and then work on keeping up/building my base in preparation for (hopefully!) a very well known spring marathon.  I’m really working on being SMART about my running – logging my miles WITH comments, keeping track of my shoe mileage, stretching and plyos, strength training, cross training, (somewhat) daily abs, the works.  I want to do the very best I can to prepare myself for training, and well, I’m going to give it all I’ve got.  

I guess that’s a pretty good motto for everything, huh?  Giving 110%.  On the flip side, though, it gets hard to give a quality 110% when you’re over-extending yourself.  And it’s hard not to in today’s world, I think.  There are so many great causes, opportunities, etc. that are all wonderful and valid and deserving of your time.  Although tri club and running overlap, just look at everything I’ve listed above…and all the things I didn’t.  I’m not perfect, and I’m not trying to give that facade on this blog.  A lot of what I write here is to remind me :)   It’s important, I think, to be smart and not stretch yourself too thinly so that you ARE able to give that 110% to what really matters TO YOU.  Not to your friend or neighbor or that kid down the hall.  I guess what I’m trying to say is be yourself, pursue what matters to YOU, and go after it with HEART.  That’s what I’m praying for this fall.     


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