I’m Alive

I owe you all an apology.  I disappeared for a few weeks.  First, I went away on a mini vacation with my dad and a friend to upstate NY.  It was a week of sun, books, relaxation, biking, running, and spending as much time as humanly possible in the water.  Pure bliss.  I was in the water no less than three times every day, including a dip each night before bed.  Let me tell you the combination of a nighttime swim, the sound of the water and  chirping crickets, and cool temperatures means the absolute best for sleeping.  I miss it.  ImageI won’t give a full recap but some of the highlights were biking around Wolf Island (CANADA) to Great Sandy Bay, where my dad had been years before (note the headwind we faced in BOTH directions was not part of this highlight, but I now understand all the wind turbines – it’s strong!)  Also, swimming to Canada! We never really touched land on either side, but we swam about a mile open water swim (with boat escort).  ImageIt was awesome!  Biking around our island and getting in some (trail) runs with my dad were also high points.  ImageOh, and losing my voice…yeah, not really a high point but it was absolutely GONE the last two days of the trip and then the next three or four once I got home.  I don’t know the last time that happened to me, and at first I found it humorous but then it was just plain annoying. I blame my sister, who was voiceless before we left.

Then life happened.  I got home and had a day or so to see my sister and help her send off to school before getting myself ready.  The number of times I have spun the beach in the past two weeks is astronomical…I had to make up for all those times I won’t be able to during the school year.

Ah well, so to get you up to speed I’m here, at school.  Senior year.  Maybe my last semester?  I realized the other day that, even though I’m young for my grade, I am older than the majority of kids on campus.  (yes, I call everyone “kid”)  Weird.  I’m somewhat moved in (last college move in?!) and have meetings all day tomorrow.  I’ll be sure to report back after my van certification what to do about moose in the roadway (only in Maine is moose part of the driving course).  And yes, to all those wondering, this may be my last semester.  I’ll be finished up with my major and minor (Biology and Education) requirements, and so the job hunt for something in the public health/nutrition/community health education is on.  Unless I go for my teaching degree and complete my student teaching this spring.  Any teachers/public healthers out there that want to weigh in?  I guess even though I’m almost done with college (that’s a scary thought), I’m still trying to figure out exactly where I’m headed.    So, that’s the update from this college student.  I WILL be back, sooner than last time, I promise!  Classes start Thursday (although somehow I already have homework?!), so it may take me a few days to figure out my schedule, etc., but please bear with me.  I’ll leave you with this thought…


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