Weekly RUNdown – 3

Monday – off

Tuesday – am:  slow 5 miles in 42:30, didn’t look at watch just went by feel

– pm: lift via this workout and abs

Wednesday – am:  abs, arms workout via machines, and spin class (got complemented on         my form by the teacher(!), she also suggested I invest in clip in shoes),

– pm: bike ride  (easy) to visit my sister at work (via apple)

Thursday – abs in the morning

Friday – run in the rain, b+w beach loop, absolutely pouring and abs, then pool running (warmup, 3 min of 10 sec on 10 off, 3 min of 20 on 20 off, 3 min of 30 on 30 off, 3x 1 min on 1 min off, 3 min 30 on 30 off, 3 min of 20 on 20 off, 3 min of 10 on 10 off, cooldown.)

Saturday: 32 mile bike ride to visit a farmer’s market and then meet my new baby cousin (well, my cousin’s kid…so that makes us 1st cousins once removed?)  needless to say, the bike ride was broken up and today I have some fabulous tan lines, including sports bra and on my hands from gripping the handlebars…

Sunday:  5 mile run, first four at average of 7:54, negative splits: 8:20, 7:59, 7:47, 7:29 and then a cool down mile at 8:32

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