And I’m Done

Happy Friday everyone! It was rainy around here (I mean pouring!) but it’s supposed to clear up for the weekend, which is exciting.  As my work the past few years has included the weekends, I never really appreciated having good weather on the weekends until this year, as I’m working Monday through Friday – no summer camp on the weekends!  Speaking of camp, yesterday was my last day!  I know it probably sounds like I just started and now I’m all of a sudden done with it, but I started working on this research project long before starting the blog…since the end of May I’d say.  So yesterday was my last day of data collection, I guess we’ll just have to wait and see on the data in terms of what they found.  What did I learn?  Well, any sort of change – policy, daily habits, etc – is hard, period.  But when it comes to something like child health, there are so many people to be held responsible and so many moving parts, that realizing change is just so much harder – schools, camps, families, after school time, doctors, policy makers, researchers, and the list goes on – they’re all involved somehow, which is good but also makes things challenging.  Do I think that there will be change in the future to improve nutrition and physical activity of youth, both during the school year and the summer?  Absolutely.  There’s far too much research explaining the need for improvements in these areas and a focus on obesity prevention.  I’m not saying change will be easy or there won’t be heated policy debates, but I foresee changes.

Well, enough with that.  It’s Friday night and I don’t want to get into a “heavy” post.  Instead, here’s what I did with my first day off :)

1)  Sleep in – but actually, getting up in the 5’s is all fine and dandy but sleeping in til almost nine was absolutely beautiful, even if it was pouring by the time I woke up.

2) Made this Zucchini Coffee Cake, as we had some zucchini that needed to be cooked.  I changed the recipe a bit, swapping 1/4 of the sugar in the cake for brown sugar, trading almond milk for regular milk, using 3/4 cup whole wheat flour and 1 cup white flour, and using half applesauce half oil instead of just oil.  I also added about 2 tablespoons of oats instead of flour to the crumble topping.  I ended up doubling the recipe, and layered half the batter, then the zucchini filling, the other half of the batter, and then the crumble topping. I had to turn the oven down to 325 and bake longer than the directions suggest, but it looks like it came out well…we will see tomorrow morning!

3) Had a great phone conversation with work…just have a few things to finish up with them before heading back to school.

4) Went for a run.  Yep, running in the rain is absolutely wonderful – once you get out there.  You just have to tell yourself you won’t melt and sometimes it’s good to have a gear-free day – no music, no watch, just you and your thoughts and the rain.  As it turns out, I picked the time of day where the rain decided to come down in sheets as soon as I left.  My baseball cap turned out to be a lifesaver, as did my Features socks that left me blister-free, even though I waded through puddles up to my ankle and was squishing in water every step.  Now that I read this that description makes the run sound horrible, but honestly it was wonderful.  I’m not a sportsbra kind of runner but everything was soaked and clingy, so I tucked my shirt up and off I went.  If you have never gone for a true run in the rain, please do.  Runs in the (warm) rain are some of my favorite – seriously, who doesn’t love splashing around in puddles?

5)  Pool run with my sister (just in case I hadn’t done enough running or gotten wet enough)

6)  Made Mac & Cheese & Peas.  Has a nice ring to it, right?  Growing up my mom always added frozen peas to mac & cheese, and it’s just a habit that’s stuck.  Tonight we had an “off-brand” shells with white cheddar variety, and while I’m usually ALL over getting non-brand names, I must say this didn’t even compete with Annie’s and was actually a slight disappointment :(

7)  Read this article.  You should too.

8) The movie night that wasn’t.  A bunch (well, 4-5) friends from high school came over for a “movie night” – 27 Dresses or Remember the Titans.  We baked a GIANT cookie for one girl who’s birthday it was (like those huge “cookie cakes” you see in the grocery store, but ours was homemade and still warm, so I think I win).  As it turns out, we never did watch either movie, but chatted and laughed our way through the night – that’s what friends are for.

Have you ever eaten frozen peas?  Of course! Some of my friends that were over tonight had as well and loved how easy and cheap they can be, others looked at me like I’m crazy.

Running in the rain: love it or hate it?  LOVE IT! (clearly)

Anyone racing or long running in the morning?  I’m taking the week to slow down and recover from my half marathon, trying to listen to my body to see how runs are going.  So, maybe a few miles here and there this weekend, but nothing crazy.  I want to make sure I’m all set for my next one in October!

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