Weekly RUNdown – 2


Monday – this tabata workout http://www.12minuteathlete.com/4-minute-tabata-workouts/ + 12 minutes tabata style abs + 5K run (22:  ) with the local running club (I just couldn’t resist their monthly run!)

Tuesday – rest

Wednesday – bike to the YMCA, lift (arms), bike home (about 70 minute bike total), 60 minute elliptical while watching the news and 27 dresses, abs

Thursday:  8 minute abs 1

Friday:  3 mile run in the POURING rain

Saturday: HALF MARATHON (recap coming soon, I promise! spoiler alert – a permanent smile has remained on my face since then…)

Sunday: 20 mile bike ride


Arms workout: (12 reps each)

3x alternate front arm raise, side arm raise

3x alternate dumbell bench press, right and left row, tricep dip with weight above head

3x alternate chest flies, shoulder press

3x alternate bicep curls and lying tricep extension (barbell) 

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