Celebrating Life

I guess I’ll cut right to it – today was a hard day.  Surgery always freaks me out, and I think it hits me even harder when it’s a family member’s and not my own…no anesthesia to knock me out and let me wake up when it’s over.  I should note that the surgery went well, as far as we know, and it appears the cancer hasn’t spread – all wonderful news.  In this sense, it was a hard day, but a thankful day.  When you step back to look at it, today was a day to celebrate life, although in two different ways – in second chances and in first breaths.  While one family member was in the OR, another was being born, albeit a few weeks late.  They should both be home in a few days, and I look forward to reuniting with one and meeting the other :)


As a side note, sorry for the heavy post today.  I hope to keep this blog upbeat, but I want to be real, too, and not sugar-coat everything.  Today, this was just something I had to get off my chest.  The rest of the week should be much lighter, and hopefully contain a race recap should my foot decide to cooperate with me!

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