A Long Day and Good Music

Just popping in to say the crispy breaded tofu was definitely a hit! I packed it with my lunch today to eat with my salad, and they were great!  More prep then simply baking tofu and sprinkling a spice (like cayenne) on it, but worth it and definitely crunchy, which is a major plus in my book.  I will definitely be making these again…plus what better way to use those cereal crumbles!  Aaaand that’s about all I have for you today.  This is my first week of working fewer days but longer hours (basically a full workweek in 3 days instead of 5), which means today was a 13-14 hour work day.  I know a lot of people pull these frequently, but as I’m not used to it, it was a LONG day.  On the plus side, though, it means I missed rush hour traffic AND the CD I burned last week finally decided to cooperate, so I had great music on the way home.  There’s always a bright side :)

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