What a weekend.  And dare I say the weekend continues for me?!  Sorry for everyone who’s headed back to work tomorrow, but it’s true I randomly have tomorrow off.  Well, not quite randomly – I’ll be working 11 hour days plus commute for the rest of the week, so tomorrow I’ll be sleeping all day in preparation…not.  You bet I’m going to take advantage of a WEEKDAY day off!

But, back to the weekend.  Friday was again a long commute home, but it was under two hours for the first time all week!! Ah the joys of being someone who does not get let off early on Friday afternoons in the summer…less traffic :)  I don’t know about you, but it was absolutely gorgeous around here yesterday, and after a week of cold and rain and being outside at camp all day, the change was more than welcome, and made for beautiful running weather.  After sleeping in (until 7:40…ah how waking up in the early 5’s changes your perception of “sleeping in”) I took a nice relaxing morning before eventually heading out on my run.  I ended up going about 6 miles, which was awesome, as the top of my foot has been bothering me lately.  Sometimes it’s painful when running, other times it just feels stiff and like something is not right, especially when I flex my toes upward and back towards me.  After reading on Runners World that this is sometimes caused by wearing your shoes too tightly, I’ve adjusted and tie my shoes on the side now, but this has been lingering on and off for a few weeks now.  Has anyone experienced something similar/have any ideas?  I’m supposed to be running a half this weekend (which I’ve been looking forward to all summer) but I guess we’ll just have to see how it goes :(

As soon as I got back from my run I packed a picnic lunch and headed out on a hike with a friend.  Neither of us had been to this trail since we were in elementary school, when it seemed like a SUPER long and SUPER steep trail.  Ha.  We made it to the first of the two large rocks in maybe 7 minutes.  It was great though, we climbed the smaller rock and had it all to ourselves, sitting there in the sun, admiring the views, and catching up on the past week.  There’s not much better than that.

After our hike I headed to the train station to pick up a friend from college, who I hadn’t seen since the fall since I was abroad last spring.  We ended up going berry picking, which  really meant talking and berry-eating.  I think my ratio was something like pick 5 put 1 in my container…all I could think about was the book Blueberries for Sal – please tell me you’ve read it?!  Blueberries and raspberries for us, though.  Although we saw a woman with the biggest blackberries I’ve ever seen, which we somehow missed?! Don’t worry, I’ll be back…maybe tomorrow? (Can you tell I’m excited about this new-found day I have off!)  As a sidenote, I was planning on taking pictures when I got home, but between my sister and I there are only a few berries left, which means I really do have to go back!  My one “problem” with berry picking, if you want to call it that, is that I feel like I should cook, bake, or make a smoothie with them, but I always feel like they’re too good to “waste” on that and instead I just eat them plain.  Anyone else do that?

And no visit is complete without walking the beach, so we headed there before going back to the train station.  Don’t worry, it was an “official” walk of the beach, as I made sure both my friend and I touched the rock at the end of the beach.  (To explain, my mom and I only consider it a walk of the beach if you touch the rocks at the end of the beach with your foot when you turn around.  We always did that growing up, and now it’s just a habit). Unfortunately, we didn’t have time for an ice cream and I couldn’t get the sand to “sing” for her, so I told her she’d just have to come back again :)

At this point, this post is getting long, and that was just Saturday!  Honestly it was one of the most fun days I’ve had in a while – running, spending quality time with friends, being outside, the beach, reading – to me that’s what summer should be.

Sunday was filled with church, pool jogging (don’t laugh, it’s actually a good workout I swear!), and a whole lot of food prep because I anticipate being in zombie mode after 11 hours at camp with 7&8 year olds.  I’ll see you tomorrow with a recap of my creations!

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