The First Step

And so it begins.  I started a blog last semester, as I was studying abroad and it was the best way to stay in contact with people.  I was out in the middle of nowhere Central America, and while we did have some internet, it was patchy, so instead of write a bunch of emails, I just used the blog to update everyone at home.  I’m generally an old-fashioned letter writer – it’s just so much fun to get a real, hand-written letter – but let’s be real there was no mail service where I was, so to the internet I went.   And you know what?  I really enjoyed it.  I never thought I was one for writing – I rejoiced when I found out that I wouldn’t have to take a college English class – but there was something fun about writing about all my adventures, reflecting on the past days, and taking some time to just let my ideas flow.  Sometimes what I wrote surprised me or helped me to understand a situation in a different light.  I missed not writing when I came home, and have been thinking of starting up again.  For a while, I decided not to.  My life at home is so boring in comparison to my abroad experience…what would I write about?  At this point, I’m still not so sure of the direction I’ll take with this blog.  I do know that you’ll soon find out about my love of early morning runs, jumping in the ocean, and experimenting in the kitchen.  For now, a couple of quotes…


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